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Cisco 2610XM Second
[2610XM-Second] men-Jual Cisco 2610XM (Integrated Service Router) memiliki berat 7 kg. Kami juga melayani Jasa Setting Konfigurasi Cisco dan Juniper (Junos) berbagai seri dan tipe.

Cisco 2610XM

Jual Cisco 2610XM | Daftar Harga dan Spesifikasi Cisco Router


By selecting the Cisco 2600 Series for their terminal server needs, customers protect their investments and gain flexibility. Traditional terminal servers are single-purpose, nonmodular, dedicated devices. The Cisco 2600 Series is different because it can adapt through the addition of over 80 different modules as the network requirements change over time and therefore provide the foundation for the deployment of more advanced technologies concurrently with your traditional equipment requirements.
The Cisco 2610XM-16TS includes:

• Cisco 2610XM

• Cisco IOS® Software IP Base

• Cisco 16 port Asynchronous Network Module (part number NM-16A)

• 2x 8 Lead Octal Cable and 8 Male DB-25 Modem Connectors (part number CAB-OCTAL-KIT)


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