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Cisco 1721 Second
[1721-Second] men-Jual Cisco 1721 (Modular Access Router) dengan spesifikasi memiliki 2 Port WAN dan berat 1,25 kg. Kami juga melayani Jasa Setting Konfigurasi Cisco dan Juniper (Junos) berbagai seri dan tipe.

Cisco 1721

Jual Cisco 1721 | Daftar Harga dan Spesifikasi Cisco Router

The Cisco 1721 Router delivers a versatile e-business WAN access solution

  • Wide array of WAN access options, including high-speed business-class digital subscriber line (DSL)
  • High-performance routing with bandwidth management
  • Inter-virtual LAN (VLAN) routing
  • VPN access with firewall option

The Cisco 1721 supports standards-based IEEE 802.1Q VLAN routing, which enables enterprises to set up multiple VLANs and route between them for added security within the internal corporate network.

Powered by Cisco IOS® Software, the Cisco 1721 router provides a cost-effective solution for small and medium businesses and enterprise small branch offices to support e-business applications through a comprehensive feature set in a compact design.

The Cisco 1721 router offers the following key features:

  • A RISC processor to support high-performance routing, encryption, and broadband services
  • One autosensing 10/100 Fast Ethernet port
  • Two WAN interface card (WIC) slots that support the same data WAN interface cards as the Cisco 1600, 2600, and 3700 routers
  • One auxiliary (AUX) port (up to 115.2-kbps asynchronous serial)
  • One console port
  • One internal expansion slot for the hardware-assisted VPN encryption card (MOD1700-VPN)

The Cisco 1700 Series supports the value of end-to-end Cisco network solutions with the following benefits:

  • Flexibility—The modular Cisco 1721 adapts easily to fit the needs of growing businesses. Interchangeable WAN interface cards enable easy additions or changes in WAN technologies without requiring a forklift upgrade of the entire platform. Modular data slots enable users to tailor data services as needed.
  • Security—The Cisco 1721 supports hardware-assisted wire-speed Triple Digital Encryption Standard IP Security (3DES IPSec) VPN encryption (using optional VPN module), a Cisco IOS Software-based stateful inspection firewall, and an intrusion detection system (IDS) that allows customers to keep their data safe.
  • Business-class DSL—Business-class DSL is delivered through the optional asymmetric DSL (ADSL) or symmetrical high-bit rate DSL (G.shdsl) WICs. The Cisco 1700 Series business-class DSL solution combines the cost benefits of DSL service with the advanced routing capability required for business use of the Internet. Through enhanced DSL quality-of-service (QoS) features, performance levels for mission-critical applications and toll-quality voice/data integration are guaranteed.
  • Traffic management—The Cisco 1721 is based on Cisco IOS Software, the accepted standard for Internet operations. Cisco IOS Software allows traffic prioritization by user or application, ensuring that the most strategic e-business applications and time-sensitive applications perform as expected.



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