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WIC-1ADSL Module

WIC-1ADSL Module

Jual Module WIC-1ADSL | Harga dan Spesifikasi Cisco Module

1-Port ADSL WAN Interface Card

This feature module describes the 1-port Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Wide Area Network (WAN) Interface Card (WIC) feature. It describes the benefits of the feature, supported platforms, configuration, related documents, and provides command reference information. The ADSL WICs are available in two variations: ADSL over POTS (WIC-1ADSL), and ADSL over ISDN WAN with Dying Gasp support (WIC-1ADSL-I-DG). The following bullets summarize the features of each card:

Cisco WIC-1ADSL—Provides ADSL services over ordinary telephone lines. It is compatible with the Alcatel Digital Subscriber Loop Access Multiplexer (DSLAM), the Cisco 6260 DSLAM with Flexi-line cards, and the Cisco 6130 DSLAM with Flexi-line cards.

Cisco WIC-1ADSL-I-DG—Provides ADSL services in areas of the world that have extensive ISDN backbones already in place. It is compatible with ECI, Siemens, Alcatel, and Cisco DSLAMs that support ISDN.

All Cisco ADSL WICs support Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Adaptation Layer 2 (AAL2) for the Cisco 2600, Cisco 3600, and Cisco 3700 series only, and AAL5 for the those models as well as for the Cisco 1700. The cards support various classes of Quality of Service (QoS) for both voice and data.


Both Cisco ADSL WAN interface cards provide the following benefits:

Enable business-class broadband service with voice integration, scalable performance, flexibility, and security

Aggregate both ADSL and other transport options into a single box

Provide ADSL high-speed digital data transmissions between CPE and the central office (CO)

Support ATM AAL5 services and applications, ATM class of service (constant bit rate [CBR], variable bit rate-nonreal time [VBR-NRT], variable bit rate-real time [VBR-rt], and unspecified bit rate [UBR]), as well as up to 23 virtual circuits on a WIC in Cisco routers

Provide ATM traffic management and QoS features to enable service providers to manage their core ATM network infrastructure.

The following benefits are specific to each card:

Cisco WIC-1ADSL—Supports and complies with ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, and ITU G.992.1, Annex A (G.DMT for full-rate ADSL over POTS)

Cisco WIC-1ADSL-I-DG—Allows the coexistence of ADSL and ISDN on the same local loop; supports and complies with ITU G.992.1, Annex B (G.DMT for full-rate ADSL over ISDN), ETSI 101-388, and the Deutsche Telekom U-R2 specification


The Cisco ADSL WAN interface cards do not support dual latency, ADSL2, or ADSL2plus. When the ADSL link is intended to support both voice and data traffic simultaneously, the link should be configured for either all fast-path data or all interleave data, with an interleave depth of zero to ensure that latency is minimized. In addition, the total supported data rate must be reduced to adjust for the reduced coding gain, which is usually present with high-latency traffic.


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